Messiah Baptist Church - Lanse, PA
Our Missionaries...
"Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few." Matthew 9:37


Our Missionaries Mission Agency
Carol Ciocca
Retired Florida

Baptist Church Planters

Pastor Paul and Judy Connor
PARBC State Representative 

Keith & Jody Hudak
Missionaries to Madrid, Spain
Church Planting  


Sandra Kuhns
Retired Florida

Baptist Church Planters

Jim & Terry Miller
Missionaries to Cape Town, South Africa
Church Planting


Carlene Piper
Missionary to Ecuador
Assisting in Church Planting
Discipleship Counseling
Camp Ministry

Baptist Mid-Missions

John and Alisha Walz
Ian, Eli and

Missionaries to Taiwan
Church Planting

CBC Global Mission 

Brandon and Emily Charmichael
Chloe and Gracie

Missionaries to Brazil
Church Planting, Evangelism,
Seminary Teaching and Discipleship.

Baptist Mid-Missions

Brother Ray Dombeck
Missionary Evangelist
Supplying complete Bible for Missionaries 
around the world. 
Chalk Artist.

Beams-Bibles Education and
Missionary Service

Toby and Susan Stevens
Curtis and Clayton

Missionaries to Boston, Massachusetts
Church Planting

Baptist Mid-Missions

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